WWE Wrestlemania 29 Live Online Results Highlights 7 April 2013

WWE Wrestlemania 29 Live Matches Online Card Lineup Results and Highlights Performance 2013. WWE Wrestlemania 29 Live Matches Online Card Lineup Results and Highlights Performance 2013. WWE Wrestlemania 29 2013 live fighting live results, fights winning title and fighting highlights video with live tv channels broadcasting list available here at this page.

WWE Wrestlemania 29 Live Online Results Highlights 7 April 2013

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will return to the ring for the first time since August when he faces Triple H in one of the featured bouts Sunday at WWE WrestleMania XXIX at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

Lesnar defeated Triple H, making him tap out to a Kimura at SummerSlam, and now the two will rematch here in a no holds barred match with Triple H’s career on the line.

Lesnar’s WrestleMania return has been long-awaited, dating back to October 2010. Following his UFC heavyweight title loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121, Lesnar infamously had a run-in with The Undertaker, who was being interviewed by Ariel Helwani at the time, with The Undertaker asking Lesnar, “You wanna do it?” That signaled Lesnar’s intentions to return to professional wrestling, which he did the day after WrestleMania 28 last year.

Let’s take a look at this year’s WrestleMania card, which airs at 7 p.m. ET on pay-per-view, from top to bottom.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

WrestleMania records: Lesnar 1-1; Triple H 7-9

What’s at stake: Obviously, with Triple H’s career on the line here, this match takes on added importance. Lesnar, despite only owning a 1-1 record in two matches since his return to WWE last year, he has put fear in his opponents, busting open and dominating John Cena at Extreme Rules in April 2012 before falling, but he rebounded with a win over Triple H. Now, the two rematch here with Triple H looking to get his win back. The no holds barred stipulation should give these two a lot of latitude to have an exciting match, but don’t expect blood in this one, as it’s a true rarity in WWE these days.

Paul Heyman will be in Lesnar’s corner while WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will be in Triple H’s corner. Will either man have a role in the outcome?

Prediction: This is a tough one. Most expect Triple H to come away with the victory because his career is on the line, but there’s no doubt Triple H is quickly transitioning into his role as a front office executive with WWE. Gone is the famous long hair and in is a buzz cut that is more corporate-friendly. I’m going to go with Triple H to take this one with the help of Michaels.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 10

WWE Championship: (c) The Rock vs. John Cena

WrestleMania records: The Rock 5-4; Cena 6-3

What’s at stake: “Once in a Lifetime” has turned into “Twice in a Lifetime” as these two meet in the main event of WrestleMania for the second straight year. Rock defeated Cena in a much-anticipated match at last year’s event, pinning him with the Rock Bottom in a 30-minute match in Rock’s hometown of Miami. This year, both men made an impact at the Royal Rumble in January. Cena won the 30-man Royal Rumble match, earning a championship match at WrestleMania. Later in the show, Rock defeated CM Punk to win the WWE Championship, his first time holding the title since he lost it to Lesnar at SummerSlam 2002.

Cena, of course, chose to face Rock, and, much like Triple H, is looking to get his win back after losing to Rock last year. There is a lot less steam on this match than last year’s, despite some strong promo work from both men along the way. But Rock’s absence from some shows due to promotion of his various movies recently released has hurt it a bit, there’s no doubt.

Last year’s match between these two was long and dramatic. We’ll see if they can match, or top, that.

Prediction: Last year, no one knew who would win. This year, most expect Cena to get his win back. But with Rock scheduled for the next pay-per-view, Extreme Rules, as well, it opens up some possibilities here that Rock could win again, but lose it to Cena in May. Big crowds like the one expected at the sold out MetLife Stadium are usually really anti-Cena, so a Cena win will not send the crowd home happy. I’m going to play it safe and go Cena here.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 9

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

WrestleMania records: The Undertaker 20-0; CM Punk 3-3

What’s at stake: The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Undefeated Streak is one of the most fabled things in all of professional wrestling. Even in a “sport” that is predetermined, somehow, someway, The Streak has managed to be completely special. The likes of Triple H and Shawn Michaels have failed to end it.

Punk, after having a WWE Championship reign that lasted more than 400 days, comes in here looking to end The Streak, but it’s not looking very good. The Undertaker will be fighting for his former manager Paul Bearer, who died unexpectedly last month, and has been mocked by Punk at every step along the way in the aftermath.

Prediction: This is the easiest one of the card. The Streak lives on. 21-0. The biggest question here is whether or not Undertaker is still physically capable of having a good match, having not competed on television since last year’s WrestleMania due to injury.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 8

World Heavyweight Championship: (c) Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

WrestleMania records: Del Rio 0-1; Swagger 2-0

What’s at stake: Swagger’s “We the People” gimmick started out with some steam in February, but has significantly cooled. As a newly-turned babyface, Del Rio also has cooled, but WWE taking away some of the elements that made him so great as a bad guy. Now these two meet here in what is likely to be the opening match of the show. The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line, so that makes a difference, but there’s not a whole lot of excitement for this one.

Prediction: Del Rio retains the title.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 5

WWE Tag Team Championship: (c) Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

WrestleMania records: Kane 7-8; Bryan 0-1; Ziggler 1-2; Langston DEBUT

What’s at stake: Team Hell No has held the tag team titles for a long time – since September, in fact. But now they face their stiffest challenge in Ziggler and Langston, who will team for the first time with Langston having his first match. If given time, this should be a great match. For a man of his enormous size, Langston is very agile and can move extremely well in the ring.

Prediction: The titles change hands with Ziggy and Big E picking up the win.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 8

Six-man tag team match: Randy Orton, Sheamus & The Big Show vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)

WrestleMania records: Orton 3-5; Sheamus 1-1; Big Show 4-8; The Shield DEBUT

What’s at stake: The Shield has run roughshod over WWE since debuting at Survivor Series. They haven’t lost a match yet and appear to be a dominant force. They’ve faced many of WWE’s best in six-man tag action already, but on the grand stage, this will be a big moment for all these of these talented wrestlers.

Prediction: Logic would seem to dictate Orton turning on his teammates in some form or fashion, with The Shield staying hot with a big win.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 6

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

WrestleMania records: Ryback DEBUT; Henry 0-3

What’s at stake: Well, Ryback hasn’t had a big win on pay-per-view yet and this should give him that opportunity. Henry is great, but Ryback needs this one badly. The biggest question here is if Ryback can get Henry up for his finishing move, the Shell Shock.

Prediction: If I were putting confidence points on matches, this would have the second most. Ryback takes it.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 4

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

WrestleMania records: Jericho 3-8; Fandango DEBUT

What’s at stake: Langston isn’t the only wrestler having his first match on this show. Fandango is as well, although he did wrestle previously in WWE as Johnny Curtis, although this will be his first televised match as Fandango. Jericho came back at the Royal Rumble after a hiatus and has added a lot of depth to the company. Now he gets a big challenge: Can he have a good match with Fandango? From what I’ve seen, Fandango is competent in the ring, but this is the big stage here. Lots of pressure.

Prediction: Fandango picks up a big win in his first match.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 5

Eight-person mixed tag team match: Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai) & The Funkadactyls (Cameron & Naomi) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow) & The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki)

WrestleMania records: Clay DEBUT; Tensai 0-1; Rhodes 1-2; Sandow DEBUT; The Bella Twins DEBUT; Cameron DEBUT; Naomi DEBUT

What’s at stake: These eight have been feuding for a bit now and here we get a big mixed eight-person tag match. This will probably go on right before the main event as a segment to help the crowd recover from the big match before it. This should be light-hearted and comedic.

Prediction: Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls take this one.

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 1

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett vs. The Miz

WrestleMania records: Barrett 0-1; The Miz 3-1

What’s at stake: The once prestigious Intercontinental Championship will be defended on the WrestleMania pre-show. Well, at least it’s being defended on the show this year after many years of the champion being in a different match.

Prediction: The Miz ends Barrett’s utterly uneventful title reign and takes home the gold.

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WWE Wrestlemania 29 Live

Heat check (10 for must-see, 1 for snack time): 4

Even though WrestleMania this year doesn’t have the hype it did in 2012, this event is still worth checking out, mostly because the big matches will all have time and should deliver the goods. Plus, this could be one of the last times to see the legendary Undertaker in action, not to mention Triple H if he loses to Lesnar.

That said, the price tag ($69.95 in HD) will turn some people away, but if you’re going to order one WWE show this year, this would be the one.

If you choose not to order it, I’ll be here Sunday night for live play-by-play and discussion of the show.

Also, please note, per Kid Nate, if you comment just to complain about a WWE post being on an MMA website, you will be warned, then banned.

WWE Wrestlemania 29 Live


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