Maryam Nawaz Scandal Story Complete Photos Detail with Captain Safdar Videos

Maryam Nawaz Scandal Story Complete Photos Detail with Captain Safdar Videos. Maryam Nawaz scandal is running all around, today we will discuss the fact about it. Well, it is true our reader must be much interested in knowing about Maryam Nawaz; not because of the fact she is a the only daughter of present Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, but because of the reasons she is awesome beautiful, well groomed, intelligent and articulated lady, presenting herself in a progressive manner with the correct advocacy of modern way of life of a Muslim society.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif (born 28 October 1973) is a Pakistani female politician and the daughter of the current Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Kalsoom Nawaz. She is a prominent figure in Pakistani politics, serving as a Nawaz Sharif daughter in the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N).

Maryam was born in Lahore, Punjab province. After graduating from Convent of Jesus and Mary school, she initially went to medical school but later continued her postgraduate studies at Punjab University and earned a Master’s degree in English Literature. Since 2011, she has been active in the political arena, and currently serves as an aide to The Muslim League. Maryam is involved in political advocacy and has a vested interest in raising the standard of education in Punjab, serving as chairperson of the board of family run Sharif Medical and Dental College. Maryam pursuing a PhD in Political science working on “post-9/11 radicalisation in Pakistan.” via distance study from an undisclosed university.

It is believed she is still perusing her Doctoral degree from Cambridge University. She is considered to be an important figure especially in establishment of higher education in Punjab. She had also been a chairwoman of the board Sharif Medical and Dental College. She has now been participating actively in national politics and is considered to be an important figure in Pakistan Muslim League –N. while she was studying in Lahore her scandal arose with Captain Safdar. After this scandal, her father, Nawaz Sharif managed to marry his daughter with Captain Safdar. There are some scandals when she was illegally migration to King Edward medical College, Lahore.

Maryam Nawaz Scandal Photo Videos

Maryam Nawaz was moving around the social media with one or the other pretext; but we believe it is all fake, apart from the truth, but it is a rather a political stunt to make her defame and nothing else. Captain R Safdar is the husband of Maryam Nawaz, is still on the way of character building process as previously he had been smacked down from the membership of the party simply on the pea for having some scandal and harsh remarks for his party member of Paktookhan. Maryam Nawaz had the opinion that her father had taken the correct decision of terminating him. However he was restored later on and allowed to do his work as member of the party.

Maryam Nawaz alleged relationship with Captain Safdar. After This Scandal They got Married. Scandal of Maryam Nawaz is enough in history. Maryam Nawam Leaked Scandal Video. Maryam nawaz and Captain Safdar hot scandal Story is the now a Days most searched and Discussed Issue. Many people Searched about on Internet about Maryam Nawaz Hot Scandal with Captain Safdar. Maryan Nawaz is the only daughter of Prime minister of Nawaz Sharif.


An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.

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16 comments on “Maryam Nawaz Scandal Story Complete Photos Detail with Captain Safdar Videos
  1. Zunair Jamshaid says:

    YES True She is a very nice lady…….n every one has right to choose the partner.

  2. Ahmadsarfaraz says:

    She was very beautiful lady

  3. Titlee says:

    Yes she is a graceful woman !! I wish she doesn’t join the dirty world of politics where a woman is not respected.

  4. Syed Walayat Shah Sherazi says:

    Maryam Nawaz Sharif is a beautiful and nice girl. She has a tall and charming personality. Modesty is the salient features of her character. Captain Safdar is a lucky person got married to her. He got a beautiful and rich girl, daughter of Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was a poor person hailing from Mansehra. Now he is known among the high ups of Pakistan. But he should do something for his home district Mansehra.

  5. Ch. Iftikhar Hussain says:

    Maryam Nawaz is a nice lady. She is well qualified with enormous qualities and abilities. Let us not forget that no one in this world is without scandle but we are habitual of pointing finger on others. Respect others and we will be respected in return.
    Ch. Iftikhar Hussain.

  6. fahad ali says:

    shes not the ONLY daughter of PM
    she has a younger sister ASMA NAWAZ who is married to the son of FINANCE MINISTER Ishaq Dar.

  7. sohail ch says:

    she is so decent and educated lady,

  8. Rizwan Chilasi says:

    Hai i love maryam nawaz realy she is very great and nice baby

  9. Pakistani says:

    Writer of this article should get his facts straight. She is NOT the only daughter of Nawaz Sharif. There is an other and the youngest daughter and also an alumni of Convent of Jesus & Mary (Lahore), Asma Nawaz.

  10. Aumir friend says:

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  11. Aumir friend says:

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  12. Yasir Rehman says:

    This writer is completely ignorant & spreading false & incorrect info which tells us that the writer did no research but kept on doing work on perceptions & on heresay . The biggest lie is Maryam is the only daughter tells the true story reality is such that PM NS has 2 daughters one maryam & other one is married to son of Ishaq Dar who lives in UAE.



  14. Gulam Mehdi says:

    I like maryam nawaz shareef.God bless her.i request to her plz help me to make my house.

  15. isha says:

    your are short of information maryam is not only daughter of nawaz sharif asma nawaz daughter in law of ishaq dar is also nawaz daughter and maryam nawaz scandal was 100 percent ture

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